Alabama Judge Removed from Bench After Findings of Abusive Language and Inappropriate Behavior | News

Alabama Judge Removed from Bench After Findings of Abusive Language and Inappropriate Behavior | News

An elected domestic relations Alabama judge was removed from the bench last week and ordered to pay the costs of the case that subsequently led to her being ousted from the courtroom after it was discovered that she displayed a pattern of inappropriate behavior that included using fake social media accounts to make derogatory comments about other judges and communicate with people in cases over which she presided.

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary issued the order on Friday (Dec.10) requesting that Nakita Blocton be removed from her position as a circuit judge in Jefferson County after it was found that she referred to fellow judges as “Uncle Tom” and a “fat b-tch” and called an employee a “heifer,” the ABA Journal reported.

In addition, Blocton, who became a judge in 2017, was accused of making staff members work unreasonable hours and repeatedly threatened workers with termination. It was reported that she singled out one employee in particular and would verbally abuse and belittle the individual.

Other allegations included using several “Facebook aliases to communicate directly with litigants and to provide information to litigants in cases, asking potential witnesses to delete evidence relevant to the Commission’s investigation, and attempting to influence the testimony of witnesses (or potential witnesses) in this matter,” the nine-member panel declared.

Furthermore, Blocton was reportedly “unable to effectively remedy her backlog of cases” and that “two judges were specially appointed to handle” her backlog.

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Last May, the Yellowhammer State’s Judicial Inquiry Commission filed a complaint against Blocton following claims that she was mentally unstable and after a complaint claimed she used and reportedly made other employees take Phentermine, a diet pill, which caused behavioral changes,  to “pep” them up after working long nights. However, the court said they failed to prove that the former judge inappropriately used drugs or was mentally unstable.

The commission said Blocton “failed to upheld the integrity of the judiciary; failed to conduct herself in a way that promotes confidence in the integrity of the judiciary; failed to maintain the decorum befitting her office; failed to be patient, dignified and courteous; failed to promptly dispose of court business; and failed to diligently discharge her responsibilities.”

Emory Anthony, the former judge’s attorney, told that he and his client have yet to discuss their next course of action. However, she may choose to appeal the court’s decision. “We were trying to keep her on the bench, and we were disappointed they removed her from the bench,” Anthony said.

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