Prosecutor’s Office Asks for 15 Years in Prison for a Cuban Writer

Prosecutor’s Office Asks for 15 Years in Prison for a Cuban Writer

related to a person of the dozens of July 11, 2021 Protests

The writer and activist María Cristina Garrido faces 15 decades in jail in the trial in San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque. [Hand: No More Violence Against Women] (Fb)

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HAVANATIMES – In San José de las Lajas (Mayabeque) a trial began this Thursday versus seven July 11th (11J) protesters, such as the writer María Cristina Garrido Rodríguez and her sister Angélica, for whom several activists have mobilized in recent hrs.

All those accountable for Ilíada Ediciones knowledgeable via their networks that the profits from the sales of Garrido Rodríguez’s book Examination of Time will go entirely to the creator, “who, a extended time in the past, turned an activist in Cuba for the defense of human rights and the human rights of women,” depth the editors.

For her, the Prosecutor’s Business asks for 15 many years, for the crimes of “attack,” “disrespect,” “resistance,” “public disorder” and “organization to commit a crime.” In statements to 14ymedio, Garrido’s husband, Michel Valladares Cala, described the trial as a “circus,” in which he even insists that the prosecutors exposed the contradictions that the law enforcement officers incurred in featuring their testimonies. “They have not advised a single truth of the matter, a pure lie, a pure contradiction involving them,” claims Valladares, who says, even so, that the legal professionals “are operating nicely.”

For the writer’s sister, Angélica Garrido Rodríguez, prosecutor Ruth Rodríguez Reina asks for a 10-12 months sentence. The rest of the defendants are:

– Giorbis Pardo del Toro (37), 18 several years
– Alexis Pedro Acosta Hernández (45), 13 several years
– Yanet Sánchez Cocho (39), 10 several years
– Patricia Lázara Acosta Sánchez (20), 7 decades
– Osmany Hernández Rodríguez (34) , 6 years

In that identical court in San José de Las Lajas, the method against the 11J demonstrators in Batabanó was carried out, ending on Tuesday, even though initially it was predicted to end on Wednesday.

In it, there was no alter concerning the requests of prosecutor Ariagne Pérez Pérez, not long ago included in the checklist of repressors of the Basis for Human Legal rights in Cuba (FDHC):

– Vladimir Castillo Llanes (26), 14 many years
– Jorge Yenier Ortiz Aguilera (31), 10 yrs
– Rogelio Lázaro Domínguez Pérez (26), 8 yrs
– Manuel Velázquez Licea (39), 8 many years
– Alien Molina Castell (38), 7 several years
– Mailene Noguera Santiesteban (34), 6 decades and 6 months
– Humberto Monrabals Camps (65), 6 several years
– Arturo Valentín Riverón (48), 6 a long time
– Enmanuel Robles Pérez (32), 6 a long time
– Jesús Pérez Quintero ( 27), 5 decades of correctional perform with internment
– Emelina Pendás Rodríguez (46), 5 several years of correctional operate with internment
– Yusmely Moreno González (42), 3 a long time
– Danger Acosta Justi (43), 3 many years
– Sergio Enseñat Valladares (29), 1 calendar year of correctional get the job done with internment
– Yaroski Amat Salabarria (38), 1 yr and 6 months of correctional operate with internment

On the other hand, a few young individuals arrested for demonstrating on July 11 and tried out in Havana this week have found their sentences diminished by the Prosecutor’s Business office. Nelson Néstor Rivero Garzón and Emiyoslán Román Rodríguez are 17 many years outdated and the other, Yensy Jorge Machado González, 18.

From 15 decades in jail asked for by the prosecutor of the Municipal Court docket of Diez de Octubre, Mabel Palacios Aties — also bundled in the record of repressors of the FDHC — the judges lowered the achievable sentence to 7 years, studies Radio Tv Martí with the source  becoming the father of a single of the defendants.

The superior prison sentences for the rest of individuals prosecuted in that court are ratified:

– Elieser Gordín Rojas (42), 27 years in jail
– Roberto Ferrer Gener (48 yrs), 20 a long time
– Santiago Vázquez León (21), 20 years
– Yosney Emilio Román Rodríguez (25), 20 years
– Carlos Luis Águila Socarrás ( 34), 20 yrs
– Frandy González León (27), 20 years
– Adonay López López (34), 20 yrs
– Harold Michel Mena Nuviola (28), 20 a long time
– Jaime Alcide Firdó Rodríguez (21), 20 years
– Alejandro Bécquer Arias (23), 20 decades
– Amaury Leyva Prieto (29), 20 many years
– Julián Yasmany Díaz Mena (34), 20 several years
– Raudel Saborín González (24), 20 a long time
– Juan Carlos Morales Herrera (49), 20 yrs
– Eduardo Alvarez Rigal (31), 20 several years
– Yasiel Arnaldo Córdova Rodríguez (25), 20 years
– Yeiner Ibáñez Boude (19), 18 years
– Frank Daniel Roig Sotolongo (19), 15 years
– Yasell Guerra Campos (19), 15 decades
– Marcos Antonio Alfonso Breto (19) , 15 decades

The trial held in Havana was scheduled to previous until eventually Friday, but it finished on Tuesday, describes Cubalex, due to the fact “they had no proof and they completed it before, just like the just one in Batabanó.”

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