Robert Maudsley: Killer to die in glass box beneath Wakefield Prison | UK | News

Robert Maudsley: Killer to die in glass box beneath Wakefield Prison | UK | News

Robert Maudsley, 68, is considered to be much too dangerous to blend with prisoners and guards at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire. So he instead spends 23 hours a day locked alone inside of a glass box beneath the jail, with a concrete slab to sleep on, a table and chair manufactured of compressed cardboard, and a bathroom and sink bolted to the floor.  

It can be a specially constructed 5.5 metres by 4.5 metres, bullet proof glass cage created in 1983, practically 10 many years right after his jail sentence started. He was jailed for killing a collection of men and women, including John Farrell following he’d confirmed him pictures of children he’d abused and Salney Darwood, a man who killed his individual spouse in the 1970s.

Maudsley begged the courts to allow for him to die in 2000, reports Liverpool Echo.

He wrote in a letter: “What function is served by retaining me locked up 23 hours a day? Why even trouble to feed me and to give me one hour’s physical exercise a day? Who essentially am I a hazard to?

“As a consequence of my recent cure and confinement, I really feel that all I have to search forward to is in fact psychological breakdown, mental health issues and probable suicide.

“Why just cannot I have a budgie as an alternative of flies, cockroaches and spiders which I at present have. I promise to appreciate it and not take in it?

“Why cannot I have a tv in my mobile to see the world and master? Why just can’t I have any audio tapes and listen to gorgeous classical new music?

“If the Jail Assistance says no then I ask for a basic cyanide capsule which I shall willingly get and the problem of Robert John Maudsley can simply and quickly be resolved.”

But Maudsley, who experienced years of abuse at the hands of his father as a child, had murdered his initial victim, Mr Farrell, when he was just 21 in the early ’70s.

Maudsley experienced turned to intercourse to generate money but killed Mr Farrell, his client, in Wooden Inexperienced, north London.

Declared unfit to stand demo and despatched away with the recommendation that he in no way be unveiled, Maudsley was locked up in Broadmoor Hospital, household to some of Britain’s most unsafe criminals.

But three decades afterwards, he and fellow prisoner, David Cheeseman, barricaded on their own inside of a room with tied up little one molester, David Francis.

The pair tortured Francis to demise before dangling his system for jail guards to see.

Billed with manslaughter, Maudsley was moved to the most protection Wakefield Prison wherever he identified his closing two victims.

In a murderous rage on July 29, 1978, Maudsley to start with strangled and stabbed Mr Darwood, a 46-calendar year-previous who was locked up for killing his wife.

Just after hiding Darwood’s overall body underneath a bed, he then creeped into the mobile of Bill Roberts, 56, who had sexually abused a seven-year-aged woman.

He stabbed Roberts, hacked his cranium with a makeshift dagger and smashed his head versus a wall.

Studies at the time of his murders claimed he’d still left a spoon in the skull of his second target, who was missing portion of his mind, despite the fact that an autopsy report later on showed that the tale was incorrect.

Following this closing two victims, Maudsley acquired a nickname that caught: “Hannibal the Cannibal”.

During his last demo in 1979, Maudsley claimed he was thinking of his mother and father in the course of his vigilante violence, wishing he experienced killed them in 1970.

Robert Maudsley’s older brother Paul once explained: “I’ve always assumed ‘There but for the grace of God go I . . .’ I could quickly have turned out like Bob.

“But I was lucky. I ended up with somebody who cherished me and showed me affection. Kevin, who now life in Bradford, West Yorkshire, was the same. We’re both equally married with 4 young ones.

“But for Bob, the chain of abuse was never damaged he’s been abused all his lifestyle.”

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