What Are The Major Steps To Take When You Hit A Pedestrian?

What Are The Major Steps To Take When You Hit A Pedestrian?

Road accidents have skyrocketed in the current generation. As a motorist, you could find yourself in an incriminating situation after hitting a pedestrian. In such a case, the victim will look for a pedestrian accident attorney to help them with the case. Besides that, you need to understand how the process goes down to ensure you are in a safe place to defend yourself. That is why it becomes essential to go through the steps explained below.

Contact Medical Assistance

It does not matter if you or the pedestrian was in the wrong. The first step should be to try as much as possible to save a life. Getting medical assistance is the first thing to do because you may also have incurred severe injuries during an incident which you may not be aware of. In that case, you need to ensure that you first get as much help as you can get. It is advisable to remain with the victim until the medical service you have requested comes.

Additionally, you should ensure you minimize the risk of them getting more injuries. For instance, if the pedestrian is injured and lying on the road, you should carry them to the side to ensure they don’t get hit by oncoming vehicles. Nonetheless, if they are severely hurt or unconscious, it is advisable not to move them in any way.

Call The Police

Undoubtedly, you will have to deal with the authorities after hitting a pedestrian, regardless of who is in the wrong. Calling the police is a wise step because those are the individuals who are better positioned to investigate the case and develop a clear image of what happened. It is also wise to remain at the scene until the police come. Fleeing the scene is considered a hit-and-run situation, with dire legal consequences, including serious criminal charges. Facing such consequences can happen in an accident, including where the victim incurs minor injuries.

Record Everything

Having all the details about the accident is crucial, and it can even help you win the case if you are found guilty. Take pictures and record videos that can be used as evidence in court. There are other details you should document when it comes to the accident. First, get the name and address of the hit pedestrian. You may consider noting down the location of the accident, the day’s weather, the road condition, date, and time. Finally, ensure you have precise details of the badge numbers of the police dealing with the case and an accurate version of your perception of how it happened.

Talk To Your Insurance Provider

One of the top things you should do after hitting a pedestrian is understand your insurance coverage and any possible liabilities. Additionally, your insurance provider is better positioned to negotiate the best settlement terms with the pedestrian’s lawyer.

Contact A Car Accident Lawyer

You might face a legal case when you hit a pedestrian, especially because of the intense damage. If the case goes to court, you will need the best representation you can get in court. Working with a vehicle collision legal expert comes with several benefits. This might include getting the best compensation from your insurance company and ensuring that you get a lenient punishment if you were in the wrong. Nonetheless, you need to consider some factors to ensure you work with the best car accident lawyer in town.

Being involved in a car accident can mean many things, primarily if you were the one who caused such an incident. Nonetheless, several benefits come with hiring a lawyer to represent you if you are the one at fault.

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