What We’re For | R. R. Reno

What We’re For | R. R. Reno

Transgenderism lousy. Woke revolution poor. Cancel society terrible. We know what we’re towards. But what are we for? It’s an urgent question, for the power of “yes” is increased than that of “no.”

As 2021 draws to a near, I’ve conferred with my fellow editors, writers, and good friends. What do we hope to affirm in the coming year? In this article are some notes from people discussions.

God’s authority is a blessing. From our founding, Very first Matters has defended orthodoxy in doctrine, dignity in liturgy, and depth in piety. We do so with the utmost self-assurance that walking in the way of the Lord delivers supreme contentment. We are not a group of editors, writers, and readers who grit our enamel and metal ourselves to obey God’s Phrase. Ours is a joyful faith.

In 2022, we will continue on to bear witness to the Great Information. As Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, and Jews, we’re occasionally divided. But functioning by our disagreements is a shared conviction that the secular conceit of man’s self-sufficiency demoralizes and dehumanizes us. To harken to God’s phone prepares us to enter into the fulfillment of his system for us.

Truth and elegance are to be liked. We stay in an intensely political age in which partisan hysteria threatens to swallow every little thing. Universities have authorized political activism to commandeer the humanities, social sciences, and in some situations even the natural sciences. Every little thing must be thrown into the supposedly excellent bring about of social justice.

This mentality rejects contemplation, which calls for us to relish and enjoy what we study and review alternatively than slot it into a political agenda. First Issues resists this tendency. Whether it’s Tolstoy or Pascal, Dante or Plato, we request to choose the measure of the good touchstones of our culture—and to be calculated by them. A excellent deal is at stake in today’s cultural and political struggles, of course, but we refuse their complete statements. We search for to style the infinite in excellent performs of artwork, literature, history, and philosophy.

A conservative outlook, broadly comprehended, is what is wanted in the twenty-initially-century West. Considering the fact that the conclude of Planet War II, the liberal outlook has held sway. Perhaps it was fitting for a time. But in the 20-1st century, our most urgent social and political troubles stem from the disintegration and dissolution of the moment sound kinds of everyday living: marriage, household, neighborhood local community, integral Christian lifestyle, and even the nation. Currently, factors are slipping aside.

Conservatism honors, preserves, and renews the pure and sacred resources of authority that maintain issues collectively. We can and really should discussion these resources, how to mediate them, and what role unique independence performs. But our group is aware that in 2022, we want to buttress marriage, really encourage households, rebuild nearby communities, restore the sway of biblical morality, and renew our national covenant. Performing so indicates speaking of purely natural legislation and the orders of creation. It means using an unapologetically biblical vocabulary. It means treading on the toes of the politically correct—not with glee, but definitely with the self-confidence that will come from the knowledge that our political witness harkens to something larger.

Far more can be claimed about what we’re for—and we’ll be saying extra, a great deal far more, in 2022. Remember to consider a donation to our yr-end marketing campaign. 2021 is ending. It is time for us to marshal our forces. We will need you to join us in standing up for what we’re for.

R. R. Reno is editor of
First Items.

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