What You Should Know About Bail Bonds

What You Should Know About Bail Bonds

Did you know that bail is set within 48 hours of an arrest? Therefore, if you know someone who is arrested for a crime, you should know how much it will cost to get that person released within two days, but what do you do then? If you are like most people, you can’t just come up with cash to pay the full bail of a loved one. Therefore, you should know a few things about bail bonds.

You Need Cash and Collateral

Every state has different bail and bail bonding rules. This is a highly regulated industry. However, most bail bonds Potter County PA require a 10{a73b23072a465f6dd23983c09830ffe2a8245d9af5d9bd9adefc850bb6dffe13} fee plus collateral for the remaining amount of the bond. Your collateral can be anything that has monetary value. For example, you may use real estate or vehicles as collateral, as well as stocks, valuable jewelry and artwork.

You Need to Gather Information Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman

If you are bailing someone out of jail, you need to collect some information before you contact a bail bondsman. You need the full name of the defendant along with the crime that person is being accused of. You also need to know the exact jail and holding or booking number of your loved one. Finally, you should know the exact amount of bail necessary to get the defendant out of jail. You should gather any other information the jail representative can give you so that the bondsman can efficiently have the accused released.

Your Bond Fees May Vary

Although the industry average is 10{a73b23072a465f6dd23983c09830ffe2a8245d9af5d9bd9adefc850bb6dffe13} of the full amount of the bail, different states allow bondsmen to charge different percentages. Most bonding companies will stick with the 10{a73b23072a465f6dd23983c09830ffe2a8245d9af5d9bd9adefc850bb6dffe13} rate, but contact other companies if you think you are being overcharged by your bondsman.

You Don’t Want To Violate Bond

Although you will not be held personally accountable by the court if the accused fails to show up to court or doesn’t complete any court-ordered task, your bail bondsman does have a legal right to collect the rest of the bail from you. These individuals and companies can then take anything you put up for collateral.

A bond violationn can be something as simple as being caught with a weapon or with someone convicted of a crime. It may be failing to complete anger management or substance abuse programs within the time period specified by the judge. Bond is also violated if the accused commits another crime.

If you need to work with a bail bondsman, search for a reputable company that can guide you through the process.

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